Use These Great VBS Resources

A Kid Missionary Hosts Free VBS Videos
Here’s a Great Opportunity to help your VBS kids make a connection with a real-life missionary their own age.  Gilly is a 12-year-old boy who lives in Kenya with his missionary parents, Nick and Heidi Griffiths.  Gilly and his adopted Kenyan brother John want to tell your VBS kids about their life in Kenya via a short video that can be shown each day at VBS. 

Each day during VBS, Gilly and John will offer a short video to be shown to the kids gathering at church for VBS.  Gilly and John will talk about what it’s like to be a missionary and to live in Kenya.  Videos will include scenes and interviews from the Kenyan mission field.  Gilly will end each video by praying for your kids.  Each videos will be five minutes or less (we don’t want to take away too much time from your busy VBS schedule!).

This is a great opportunity for your kids to hear from someone their own age who is involved in real-life mission work.  This will help them make the connection that missionary work (and all forms of Christian service) are done by real people (even kids) just like them.

Just email Rev. Chris Mullis at requesting a copy of the video.  Rev. Mullis will mail you a DVD containing the videos and answer any questions you may have.
Cokesbury VBS Resources Teaches Kids How to “Build With God”
Cokesbury is providing resources for creating a VBS environment that explains how God makes things extraordinary with their 2014 theme Workshop of Wonders: Imagine and Build with God. Children will learn about people in the Bible who created amazing things with the assistance of God.

This Cokesbury “toolbox” includes music, crafts, a snack and more! The original songs provided have children singing Bible verses and come with slides to help kids learn the words. There’s even a music video!

Learn more here: 
Society of St. Andrews VBS Helps Feed the Hungry
The Society of St. Andrews is providing two VBS Mission Offerings focusing on feeding the hungry.

The Vacation Bible School Mission Supplement includes 15-20 minutes of daily material for up to 5 days along with optional mission activities.

The Abundance Orchard Complete VBS Curriculum reviews the Old Testament with 2-3 hours of daily material for up to 5 days. It’s an all-in-one complete hunger-action themed Vacation Bible School!

Each option contains helpful packets consisting of flyers, stories, activities, and other materials. Order these outstanding resources here:
Kids4Kids VBS Mission Kit from The United Methodist Children’s Home
The United Methodist Children’s home has created “Kids Helping Kids VBS Mission Kits” that are versatile with every VBS theme. These kids provide children with the opportunity to help other children in need. The kit contents will be available in mid-April and includes everything you need to easily teach your children about empathy and compassion, help your children understand the needs of other children in the community, raise funds for the United Methodist Children's Home through fun, easy to implement ideas, and so much more.

The Kids4Kids Mission Kit is flexible, works for any size church, and can be customized to fit your needs and resources. The kit includes fundraising ideas and "how-to" implement them with no hassles, a link to video resources from UMCH to show during chapel time for inspiration, professionally designed flyers, a (nice!) sticker for each child who participates, and other materials.

For questions and details about the Kids4Kids VBS Mission Kit, please contact The Rev. Teresa Angle-Young, tangle-young@umchildrenshome.org404-327-5837