Mount Pisgah on AIB TV


Mount Pisgah is being featured as the Faith Community of the Month on Atlanta-based AIB TV.  This unique opportunity allowed them to submit a series of videos about their church which will be aired at the times listed below.

In general, the program airs on Sunday @ 8:30pm (premier show), Monday @ 11:00pm (re-air) and Friday @ 11:00pm (re-air). The first program premiered this Sunday, April 6 at 8:30pm.

AIB can be seen on Comcast Channel 5AT&T U-verse Channel 6 and globally via the Internet at Be sure to share with everyone everywhere.
April 6   @            8:30pm
April 7   @            11:00pm
April 11 @            11:00pm
April 13 @            8:30pm
April 14 @            11:00pm
April 18 @            11:00pm
April 20 @            8:30pm
April 21 @            11:00pm
April 25 @            11:00pm
April 27 @            8:30pm
April 28 @            11:00pm
May 2    @            11:00pm **Likely to air to complete the week’s programming.