North Alabama Conference Calls for Emergency Response Teams


Following last week's storms, most conference are currently utilizing response teams within their own conferences. There has been an invitation extended from the North Alabama Conference. ERTs from North Georgia with a valid and up-to-date UMCOR-issued ERT badge are invited to register. Read the information from the North Alabama Conference below:

Team Openings in the North Alabama Conference:

The North Alabama Conference is in need of ERTs from outside of North Alabama to help respond to the disaster areas caused by the recent storms and tornadoes within the conference.

To register your team, click here, or go to:

Please also click here for forms that need to be completed by your team or go to:

Once you register, someone from the disaster response team will be in touch with you.  Please wait to hear from someone with the North Alabama Disaster Response Team before you deploy.  All outside conference ERTs must have a valid and up-to-date UMCOR-issued ERT badge.