Excellent Summer Opportunity for High School Juniors and Seniors


As summer approaches, Camp and Retreat Ministries has great news to share! The number of Grow Day Camps in North Georgia Conference churches has doubled from last summer. And even better news: because of that there is a great increase in the number of high school students who can take part in the Experiential Leadership Institute (ELI) program and serve as camp counselors.
For this summer only, students can participate in ELI for only $300. Normally this high-caliber Christian leadership training is offered at a cost of $645 per student. (Currently registered Glisson senior high campers are offered an even greater discount!)
Before serving as a Grow camp counselor, ELI participants gain knowledge and skills during an intense leadership development week at Glisson (5/25-30) or Simpsonwood (6/1-6).
Then ELI participants practice their leadership skills as Grow Day Camp counselors at local church sites for at least one week and up to nine weeks, refining those skills with every additional week of service while making a difference in the lives of children. (At the reduced cost, each ELI participant is asked to serve at least three day-camp weeks of his/her choice practicing leadership skills.)
ELI participants discover their natural gifts and graces, learn key Christian leadership theories, understand group dynamics and develop deep friendships. 
Additionally, ELI are led by an impressive staff of mentors. 
At the end of the summer, ELI are charged with continuing their experiential growth in the fall by working with their pastor or youth pastor to identify significant leadership opportunities at their home churches.
If rising high school juniors and seniors from your church would be a good fit for this opportunity, please encourage them to apply online at www.ngumc.org/eli.
Call 706.864.6181 or email cameron@ngcrm.org with questions or for more information.