United Methodist Children's Home Holds Baptism Celebration for 5 Teens


Last week The United Methodist Children’s Home baptized four of its youth and remembered the baptism of another.

Many youth that come into the program have seen their families tear apart. Being surrounded by mentors and those in similar situations provides a sense of togetherness that they may have lost at some point in time.

The chapel was filled to maximum capacity once the entire support staff piled in to celebrate the new life of those who will soon leave the program and face a new world. Those in attendance contributed to the growth and support of the teens, teaching them that they are always welcomed and loved by God.

“One thing I really stress to them is that when they leave us they have to find a safe community and a church family,” says Teresa Angle-Young, who performed the baptisms. “This is just the beginning.”

“These five people are a part of the family of God, the most permanent family.”

The baptism celebrations provide a great “connectional time” for those that are a part of United Methodist Children’s Home as well as outside supporters and visitors.