New GBOD Website Mirrors the Agency’s Mission to Provide Resources


A completely redesigned website is now making the resources, training events, webinars, books, best practices and networking opportunities provided by the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) available to church leaders with just the click of a mouse.

The new website ( puts into practice GBOD’s mission to “challenge and support local church and annual conference leaders for their task of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

“The goal of our new website is to provide another resource to assist leaders of local churches and annual conferences in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This is a resource to offer HOPE to our churches and our communities,” said the Rev. Dr. Timothy L. Bias, the agency’s General Secretary (chief executive). “This new online face of GBOD is designed so our leaders can more easily find and access resources that will help them lead.”

The design team listened to input from all users, both outside and inside the agency, to produce the new platform with its 10,000 pages of content. The new site works equally well from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, with pages resizing to fit each device.

“A great majority of church leaders come to the GBOD website each day for worship resources, and those worship resources now are available from the home page, or one click away,” said Steve Horswill-Johnston, Executive Director of Communications & Brand Strategy at GBOD. “We are serving those worship leaders and pastors with daily worship resources that are not available anywhere else in the denomination, and we are doing that in new and improved ways.”

For example, the site’s new Downloads Folder makes retrieving resources simple and easy.

“In the past, you might travel through the website and hope you would remember what was there. Maybe you would print off a page, or maybe you would forget to print it off,” Horswill-Johnston said. “Now as you go through the website, you'll be able to put resources in the Downloads Folder with just a mouse click. Then when you are ready to leave, the website will allow you to zip all of those resources with another click and save them to your desktop.”

From the site’s homepage, leaders looking for worship information can click to find resources for Worship Planning, Music and Preaching. With another click, leaders can find Leadership Ministries resources about Children, Youth, Adults, Older Adults, Ministry of the Laity, Church Leaders, Christian Education, Covenant Discipleship, Marriage and Family Ministries, Stewardship, Ethnic and Language Resources, Camp and Retreat Ministries, Congregational Development and Best Practices (Romans 12).

Other links from the homepage make resources instantly available from:

•    New Church Starts – To learn about equipping those who start new churches or who are interested in training to be a church planter
•    International ministries – To find information about how GBOD helps United Methodist leaders in Africa, the Philippines, Europe and Russia who are working to expand their publishing capacities in a sustainable way
•    Upper Room Ministries – To reach the global ministry that is dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians everywhere
•    Young People's Ministries – To connect young people and those who are in ministry to young people to each other, the church and to God

To view a video about the new website, go to