Action Ministries Works to Help At-Risk Veterans Reclaim Their Independence Day


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In a recent study by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, more than half of metro Atlanta veteran respondents – nearly 58 percent – reported that they experienced homelessness after their departure from the military. With veterans comprising about 8 percent of Georgia’s population, we can gather that veteran homelessness is a serious issue in our state. In fact, the heartbreaking truth is that Georgia ranks second in the nation for veteran homelessness!

As we meditate today on the service of our veterans and our immense gratitude for the freedoms they have provided throughout our country’s history, let us remember that it’s not enough to wish them well and send them on their way. Taking action to help our homeless veterans regain their independence actively demonstrates our gratitude and respect for their sacrifices.

Action Ministries, with our expertise in mobilizing communities to address the challenges of poverty by focusing on hunger relief, housing and education, is in a unique position to make an impact. With 50 years of experience and a vast, statewide network of partners, donors and volunteers, Action Ministries is leading people out of poverty and helping them return to self-sufficiency. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recognized our ability to assist homeless and at-risk veterans when it awarded Action Ministries and its grant partner a $1M grant to do just that. We used this money to do what we do best – lead people out of poverty – and more than 400 veterans and their families in Georgia have now been impacted positively.

If you would like to make a donation today in honor of a veteran’s service to our country, please know that your gift will be a game-changer for a veteran experiencing homelessness in Georgia. Your desire to take action on behalf of an at-risk veteran honors all those who have selflessly served our country.

To learn more about our work with veteran families and to stay connected to the action, textACTIONHERO to 51555.

Happy Independence Day!

John R. Moeller, Jr.
President and CEO, Action Ministries