Conference Launches New Website for Anyone Exploring a Call to Ministry


Even as a young girl, Mercy Lineberry was drawn to the Word of God.

“I’ve always been interested in the Bible and scripture and studying,” says Lineberry. “Very early on, around 14 or 15 years old, I was studying a text in my dad’s concordance, and I got really excited about it. I thought, ‘I feel like I need to share this. I feel like I have some insight.’ My parents and I had a great discussion about what the text was saying and how God was speaking through it, and I thought, ‘I think this could be something.’”

For Lineberry, “ministry” had always just been a way of living—not a job. At that time, it didn’t occur to her that “something” could be full-time ministry.
All of us are called by God, but God’s call for each of us is personal. Some are called to ordained ministry, while others are called to lay ministry or some other service to God.
A new website of the North Georgia Conference asks, how are you feeling called?
The site was officially launched at Annual Conference in June.
Featuring stories of North Georgia United Methodists like Mercy Lineberry, the site's purpose is to help anyone in the process of discerning God's call on their life. 
Highlights include links to biblical stories of call and questions to consider as you read them, recommended reading, and information on types of call--from being an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, an ordained deacon, as a licensed local pastor or as a lay person.
Those exploring a call to ordained ministry can find clear steps to the candidacy process, educational requirements, and information to help begin researching seminaries. 
The website is an especially good tool for clergy or laity to share with young people and church members who are contemplating how they can follow their call to ministry. 
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