Does Your Church Accept Debit/Credit Cards? New Rules Apply in October


Excerpt from Martin Sinderman
Worship Facilities Magazine

October 1, 2015 is an important deadline for churches that do face-to-face (“card-present”) credit or debit card transactions.

A new payment standard, EMV, will be implemented that is based on “smart” debit and credit cards with embedded microprocessor chips. The chips and the information they generate make these cards less vulnerable to fraudulent use.

This massive transition is being accompanied by an important change in who pays the bill for fraudulent transactions. Starting Oct. 1, liability for fraud shifts from credit card issuers to merchants/organizations accepting card-present payments that are processed with devices that are not EMV-enabled.

Churches need to assess their card-processing devices, including giving kiosks and iphone “dongles” (such as Square or PayPal Here), in order to determine whether they should upgrade to EMV-capable devices in advance of Oct. 1.

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