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Fun Fact About Sybil Davidson

I consider myself a good editor, but have made some typos on occasion. Once, as graphic designer at the Wesleyan Christian Advocate, I typed “Headline Goes Here” over a story by a respected South Georgia pastor. Unfortunately, I never got around to writing a real headline and that’s how it went to press. Another time, I wrote about someone’s “believed wife.” Thank goodness the “beloved wife” was gracious and kind. She got a laugh out of that mistake. There are one or two others that are best not to repeat! 


What services does your position offer to local Churches?

A few years ago the Communications Office began hosting communicator networking gatherings. We have a speaker each time we get together, but we almost always learn the most from sharing ideas with each other. When a church reached out to me for feedback on its website redesign, I also asked a communicator who attends those meetings to give comments too. He had redesigned two church websites in the last few years and had invaluable advice! I love being part of that group and invite you or the communicator from your church to take part!

I am also here when a church has a media crisis, something that is drawing attention that has the potential to damage the church’s reputation. We have a simple media policy I can walk through with anyone who answers the phone at a church. 

Lastly, I put together resources like e-newsletters and videos. The content is for your information and also for your use. Share Monday Morning with your Bible study group, pass along news from Weekly Update to someone who may be interested in an upcoming training or who might be inspired by one of the featured stories, share a video after Wednesday Night Supper!

What do you most enjoy about your role in Communications?

I feel very fortunate to say, I absolutely love my job! Having a bird’s eye view of all the amazing ministry that happens in the North Georgia Conference is my favorite part. From the dedication of the staff and volunteers at the Conference level, to the amazing good that’s accomplished through our related-agencies, to the creativity and deep faith of church members, anyone who saw what I see of the church would be proud to be United Methodist.

What is your most important asset that you wish all churches knew about?

Consider me a member of your church communication team! If your church is redesigning its website, starting a social media profile, writing a press release, or thinking about a communications audit, I am happy to give feedback, offer ideas, and point out great resources.

How do people arrange to meet with you?

Just email me! Also, consider attending a communicators networking meeting! The next gathering is scheduled for October 6. Registration will be available in the next few weeks.

What are your top 5 recommended resources?

1.North Georgia Conference e-newsletters! Subscribe to Weekly Update for information on Conference events, happenings and news. Monday Morning in North Georgia is a reflection from a North Georgia United Methodist lay or clergy person. This is an excellent way to start your week! Plus, any content in these newsletters is for your church to use. You may republish anything from Weekly Update or Monday Morning. Just be sure it’s attributed to the original author.

2.News at! News and feature stories from around the conference are updated almost daily! If you’d like to keep up with all things NGUMC, browse the news!

3.My UM Call! A new website from vocational discernment is an awesome tool for anyone considering their call to ministry. Is there anyone in your church who may feel called to ministry or who you see as having unique gifts? Point them to! (I shared some of my own personal call story on the site.)

4.ReThink Church resources! United Methodist Communication has been conducting national advertising campaigns for years. Your church can take advantage of those messages that are likely heard and seen in your own community, by using the (mostly free) resources at They offer door hangers, worship tools, and even grants.

5.Conference-sponsored events! If you or a church member attends a North Georgia Conference-sponsored event, you can be assured that it will be excellent. Just this past year, the Children’s Ministry Network trainings held across North Georgia brought together children’s ministry professionals with inspiring speakers and teachers. Glisson and GROW Day camps have to be some of the most well-run, impressive ministries in all of United Methodism. Churches are being transformed by participation in the Next Faithful Step program. A hands-on worship training with Chuck Bell offered musicians a chance to see how a productive practice is run, get personalized feedback, and then participate together in a worship service – all in one day! Check the calendar for upcoming training related to your ministry area:

Connectional Ministries staff travel across the conference, providing resources and assistance, and exchanging ideas and dynamic discussions regarding various areas of ministry at no cost to the church or clergy.


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