All Full-Time Clergy to Participate in Pilot Ministry Review Program


All clergy in full-time appointments to local churches in the North Georgia Conference will soon begin participation in a new pilot ministry review process, Pilot Ministry Review 2.0. The process will begin the first week of August 2014 with an email to clergy inviting them to get started.

The review will be used to create a covenant agreement for appointed clergy and Staff-Parish Relations Committees (SPRC). The process, which includes an assessment from clergy and members of the SPRC, should be entirely completed by Sept. 20. 

The ministry review is based on more than a decade of research by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry that identified "KSAPs" -- a list of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics -- that contribute to effective clergy performance. 

"I am excited about this because it is based on quantifiable, peer-validated research by organizational psychologist Dr. Richard DeShon," said Rev. Jane Brooks, director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to the Bishop. "This program is specific to United Methodist clergy and it will provide valuable feedback."

In the first week of August, all clergy will receive an email to their conference email address (such as The email will provide a username, temporary password and instructions to access the ministry review. 

Pastors should then complete the review, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Next, the pastor should enter the names and unique email addresses of each SPRC member. Then, within the next two weeks, each of the SPRC members should complete the assessment they are sent.

By August 20 all clergy and SPRC members should have completed the pastor effectiveness assessments.
Next, the clergy and SPRC should build a covenant document and enter the document into the Pastor Evaluation System. 
There are several resources to help prepare for the ministry review process. It is recommended that all clergy read Watching Over One Another in Love: A Wesleyan Model for Ministry Assessment by Gwendolyn Purushotham. The book draws on themes of grace and responsibility and provides clear guidance for taking part in a covenant-based ministry assessment. Find a helpful Q&A document and other tools at the Ministerial Services webpage that clarify much of what is expected and how the process will work. Plus, district offices are prepared to answer questions about the review process. 
For more information on the research that went into the development of the Pilot Ministry Review, visit