Disaster Response: NGUMC Early Response Teams Serving in Kentucky


Trained Early Response Team members from Northside UMC, Alpharetta UMC, Acworth UMC, Northbrook UMC, Canton First UMC, Zoar UMC, and Mountville UMC are responding to the devastating flooding in eastern Kentucky.

On invitation from the Kentucky Annual Conference, our North Georgia Conference teams have been removing trees, mucking out (removal of drywall, debris removal, mold mitigation), tarping, and clearing sites where homes were destroyed by the flood waters.

"We have heard so many heartbreaking stories of how the flood waters hit so quickly and how it has turned their lives upside down," said team leader Mike Derrick of Alpharetta UMC. 

Another team leader, Mark Brown of Northside UMC, shared about one home in particular that was hit by a slide, and water and mud came into the home. The owner has additional house damage that is not flood-related (termites). At day’s end, Mark had to explain the seriousness of the structural damage.

It was hard news but she said, “I’ve been through hard times all my life. Every time something bad happens then something good happens, and something good already happened to me today. I met you and your team of servants."

"This is real life and real people," said Brown. "They hurt and love powerfully!"

North Georgia United Methodists have served the Red Bird Mission area for years, and stand ready to respond to the needs of our neighbors.

There is currently a need for more trained ERTs as we are seeing more damage and more frequent natural disasters. If your church would like to host an ERT training or renewal class for your district, please contact Rev. Thom Shores at thom.shores@ngumc.net to schedule. For more information on how your church can be disaster ready to serve your community please contact Rev. Scott Parrish at scott.parrish@ngumc.net.