Create and Use QR Codes for Church Communication


By Sybil Davidson

When QR Codes first appeared more than a decade ago they were more of a novelty than a useful tool. (Did you ever fumble with downloading an app to try to scan a QR code only to realize you could have typed in a web address more quickly?) 

They have made quite a comeback in recent years as they became scannable through the camera on your phone. QR code stands for "Quick Response," and the black and white squares are now living up to their name.

Here are some practical things to consider as you incorporate QR codes into your print publications, bulletins, signage, and marketing.

  • Be sure the QR code links to a mobile-friendly webpage. People will almost exclusively open the link on their phone. 
  • QR codes are more practical on print or digital displays than social media or websites. If you use a QR code digitally, but sure to include a clickable link as well (that's still the fastest way to get someone where they're going online). 
  • Test the QR code.
Ideas for using QR codes
There are dozens of ways a church can put QR codes to work. Consider:
  • QR code in the bulletin: take members of the congregation to a giving link, to a registration, to the sermon scripture, or staff contact information.
  • QR code outside the sanctuary: Point the congregants to an online order of worship.
  • QR code on tables at meetings and gatherings: link to the agenda, a survey, or more information about the event content. 
Creating a QR code
Once you have a mobile-friendly webpage chosen to share, use an online QR code generator to create your code. 
  • Pay special attention to if/when the QR code you're creating will expire. 
  •, a program used by many churches already, offers a reliable QR code generator. Learn more at
Resource UMC recently shared an in-depth article on QR codes. Check it out at

Sybil Davidson is North Georgia Conference Communicator. Need help with digital ministries? Contact her friend and colleague Jessica Blackwood, Digital Ministries Specialist, at