Fall Confirmation Retreat Helps Your Youth Tell Their Stories


In her book, Saying Is Believing, Amanda Drury tells us that giving teenagers the opportunity and encouragement to speak their testimony is necessary in their spiritual development. Helping youth speak their story is a part of recognizing what God has done - of hearing Truth and speaking out loud what God has been doing in their lives. 

At the Fall Confirmation Retreat (October 2-4 at Glisson) we help your youth recognize their story -- the story of where God has been in their lives (even before they knew it - that's prevenient grace) and how God is evident in their living now. We also help you develop unity in this new group of youth as they begin looking at their journey and calling.

This retreat will strengthen your group and feed the faith of your Confirmation class so they can continue to enrich your youth ministry through the years of their development. Find out more and register at http://www.ngumc.org/confirmationresources.