Red Bird Missionary Conference Needs Volunteers


Red Bird Missionary Conference is one of the three missionary conferences of the United Methodist Church, which simply means that it operates in a geographical region where local resources cannot always meet the needs of those whom it serves. This conference is currently looking for missionaries to send to Mississippi and to aid in clean-up from Superstorm Sandy.

Superstorm Sandy
In the less than two years since Superstorm Sandy ripped through parts of the Northeast, the United Methodist Church has contributed innumerable hours and resources to helping with the recovery efforts it left in its wake. Teams are still needed on an ongoing basis to help with the effort. Click here for more information on the work that has been done and how to plug into what still needs to be accomplished. 
Mississippi Conference
The Conference has put out a call for volunteer teams to serve in Winston County and the city of Louisville. Hundreds of homes were destroyed in April's tornado, and many that were not destroyed sustained major damage. Teams need to have trained team leaders. To serve contact Jeff Walton at or Rev. Larry Hagard at