Pilot Ministry Review Launches in North Georgia (With a Bump or Two)


Update: August 4, noon
Emails from the Pastor Evaluation System went out this morning to all clergy. Those who are appointed full time to local churches (deacons, elders, full time local pastors) and others less than full time, only as directed by their District Superintendents, should complete the Ministry Review 2.0 processWe are receiving some feedback from clergy as they open these e-vites from the Pastor Evaluation System:

  • Some clergy are able to click on the link in the e-vite and log in.
  • Some clergy are not able to log in, but instead are receiving a message that there is an “internal server error” followed by a message that the session has timed out. Qualtrics 360, the company that operates this program, is trouble shooting the problem now. 
We have also heard from some clergy whose email went to their spam folder. Please check your spam folder if you haven't yet received the email.

More new information
  • When senior pastors login and complete their own self assessments, they will also receive directions to assess their associate(s).  Please do so. This is new and it is what many senior pastors have requested!
  • When you have completed your self-assessment, enter the names and unique email addresses of ALL SPRC members, up to 11 members.
  • The system will identify for you which SPRC members have completed the assessment as they are completed, so you will know who has not complied.
  • When entering SPRC member names/email addresses, if you make an entry error, you must delete the entry and re-enter rather than trying to edit it. 

North Georgia Clergy to Begin Pilot Ministry Review Process Today

This week, all clergy in full-time appointments to local churches in the North Georgia Conference will begin a new pilot ministry review process, Pilot Ministry Review 2.0. 

An email has been sent to each clergy’s conference email address (such as jane.doe@ngumc.net) from the Pastor Evaluation System. It includes a username, temporary password and instructions to access the ministry review. 

Pastors should complete the review, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Next, the pastor should enter the names and unique email addresses of each Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) member. Within the next two weeks, each of the SPRC members should complete the assessment they are sent.

By August 20, all clergy and SPRC members should have completed the pastor effectiveness assessments.
Next, the clergy and SPRC should build a covenant document and enter the document into the Pastor Evaluation System. (See a sample of a covenant agreement)
The document, and the ministry review process, should be entirely completed by Sept. 20. 

The ministry review is based on more than a decade of research by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry that identified "KSAPs" -- a list of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics -- that contribute to effective clergy performance. (See a chart with the KSAPs.)

 There are several more resources to help prepare for the ministry review process, including:  
If you are clergy in a full-time appointment to a local church and did not receive the invitation email this morning, please contact bwaits@ngumc.org