Warning: Mission Emergency Scam Targeting Churches


The Conference Office has been made aware of an e-mail scam that is making its way around some local churches of the denomination.
In the e-mail, someone purporting to be a known official (usually the pastor) asks the treasurer to wire thousands of dollars to an account in an obscure bank for a mission emergency.
The e-mail is cleverly designed and looks legitimate. The language is in line with what we would use in our church context.

A church should never be wiring money directly to a mission or missionary. Money for missionaries and UMC missions should always go through the General Board of Global Ministries. Please use the official channels of the Advance Specials that are pre-approved and audited. 100 percent of your mission giving to the Advance goes to the mission you specify. None is taken out for administrative purposes.
Secondly, every church – large and small – should have appropriate procedures in place for every expenditure. Two persons signing (not by e-mail) a payout request is a good start. Click here to read a sample internal control policy.