Clergy Evaluation System Update: New Information and a Fix for Error Messages


From Jane Brooks, Director of Ministerial Services and Assistant to the Bishop

Yesterday, more clergy opened their e-vites from the Pastor Evaluation System, revealing that many were able to login, complete self-assessments and “nominate evaluators” (Qualtrix 360 lingo for entering names and unique email addresses of SPRC members).  Some clergy and SPRC members have experienced difficulty logging in, getting messages like “internal server error” or “session timed out”, or both.  Here are some steps to take if you have difficulty logging in:

  1. Click on the link in the e-vite
  2. At the log-in page, under the password box, click “forgot password”
  3. Follow directions that will include opening another email from the Pastor Evaluation System that contains a link for you to click
  4. When that link opens, re-set your password (be sure to record your new password)
  5. If you are still unsuccessful with a log-in, call or email the Office of Ministerial Services (

Inevitably, as clergy enter the names and unique email addresses of SPRC members, there are going to be some entry errors. As the program is now set up, when an error is made (incorrect email address or name), the pastor may delete the incorrect entry and type a correction.  However, the system will remember the incorrect entry, so as you type the correction, it will appear that the system wants to re-populate the entry with the incorrect information. Continue typing the correct entry, and you should be successful in making the change. (It works in a similar way to your email when you begin to type an address).
When clergy and SPRC members have completed the assessments, you will receive a message that your composite report is available for your viewing and printing.  Use this composite report when you meet with the SPRC. You will also want to have a copy of the covenant document for use in the  meeting. The covenant document may be accessed and printed from the Conference website ( at the Ministerial Services page. (Click here to go to the document)  After you and SPRC have completed your covenant document, you will again log in to your Qualtrix account and input the information into the Covenant Document page there. When complete, the document will be archived, along with your Composite Report.