2021 Process for Conference Nominations Seeks to Draw Wide Range of Servant Leaders


Each year the Conference Nominations Committee identifies servant leaders to make up its Boards and Committees including the Conference Board of Trustees, Board of Church Development, Episcopacy Committee, Council on Finance and Administration, and more (see the list here). These committees are made up of faithful laity and clergy who volunteer their time for a season to serve our connection at the Conference level. 

In 2021, a Quality Improvement Team thoroughly reviewed the nominations process and launched an improved system for the Conference Nominations Process. The team members are:

  • Nate Abrams, laity, chair of our Board of Discipleship and Advocacy
  • Pamela Perkins Carn, laity, member of Central UMC
  • Yolanda Jones Colton, clergy, chair of our Fellowship of Local Pastors
  • Bill Martin, laity, conference lay leader
  • Tryphenia Speed, laity, former president of the North Georgia United Methodist Women
  • Brian Tillman, clergy, associate pastor of Ben Hill UMC
  • Terry Walton, clergy, executive assistant to the Bishop
  • Rev. Blair Boyd Zant, clergy, director of the Center for Congregational Excellence
"This team was created to assess and improve our nominations process," explained Conference Lay Leader Bill Martin. "Our goal from day one was to make sure that the nominations process was clear and transparent to everyone." 

The steps are simple:
  1. Discern a call. Do you feel called to serve in North Georgia Conference leadership? Do you see the gifts and skills in someone else who might be a good choice to serve on a Conference board or committee? 
  2. Make a nomination. You may self-nominate or you may nominate someone else. This year groups may also make nominations (for example Black Methodists for Church Renewal or Fellowship of Local Pastors). Note that if you are nominating someone else, they must accept the nomination.
  3. The nominations committee will review and approve all nominations identified through this process.
  4. District Superintendents will review all approved nominations. 
  5. The nominations committee will use the list of approved nominations to fill open positions on Conference Boards and Committees. They will present this list as the Nominations Report to the 2021 North Georgia Annual Conference.
  6. The Annual Conference will vote on the Nominations Report. 
  7. The Nominations Report becomes the 2021-2022 Conference Boards and Committees effective July 1, 2021.
The nominations form is open now through March 31 at www.ngumc.org/2021nominations. On the same webpage, you'll find a list of open committee positions and a description of all committees.

This year's nominations process is designed to draw a diverse and inclusive list of leaders who are willing to serve and reflect the communities across our Conference. The best candidates are those who love The United Methodist Church, are committed to its future, and appreciate our Methodist heritage. No one skill set is better than another. As Tryphenia Speed explains: "I believe God equips and helps those who are called to serve."

Serving through the Conference is a fulfilling opportunity to collaborate and steer the North Georgia Conference as we fulfill our mission to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

"For me, my time in service outside of the local church has been part of my spiritual journey," Martin said. "Serving with others from across the connection has helped me see the church in ways that I could have never viewed just sitting in my pew. It strengthened my belief in the power of the lay / clergy relationship. And it's helped me see fully the potential that the church has when we all work together." 

For more information about the process and to complete the form, visit www.ngumc.org/2021nominations