Cafe Features: Consider Offering Training on Critical Issues in Your Community


Is there an critical issue that your congregation would like to be more informed about or an advocacy issue people in your region want to address? Consider hosting one of the following Connectional Cafe workshops. Just read the descriptions at and contact one of the speakers to schedule a training. Some of the Critical Issues featured on Connectional Cafe are:

Critical Issues: A United Methodist Response to Immigration Issues

As both American citizens and baptized Christians, we face a challenging and often uncomfortable tension with understanding how best to respond to the issues and the individuals involved. In this workshop, your congregation will learn about the official position of the United Methodist Church on the issue of immigration. READ MORE

Critical Issues: Bread for the World

Participants in this workshop will learn how to become effective advocates for the poor in their communities as they learn about hunger issues facing our neighbors in our own community. This workshop focuses not solely on identifying and understanding issues of hunger, but they will also learn ways to positively impact political policy at local, state, and national levels. READ MORE

Critical Issues: Facing the Matter of Child Sexual Exploitation in North Georgia

Atlanta is the number one location in the US for child sexploitation; and if affects every corner of our Annual Conference, from LaGrange to Lavonia, from Hiawassee to Hiram. In this critical issue workshop, participants will be educated about the scope and depth of the problem and learn the potential risks that all churches face in light of the exploitation of children. READ MORE

Critical Issues: Helping without Hurting

We would never do anything to intentionally harm people living in poverty, but the reality is out of ignorance, we do. Learn how to engage the poor in your community in healthy, helpful ways. READ MORE

Critical Issues: How Can Your Church Respond to Community Violence?

Community violence can be defined as exposure to intentional acts of interpersonal violence committed in public areas by individuals who are not intimately related to the victim.  Community violence can happen without notice.  Community violence is an intentional attempt to hurt one or more people, including homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, and weapons attacks (bats, knives, guns, etc.). READ MORE

Critical Issues: Mental Health Awareness and Education

Families dealing with mental health challenges often do not receive the support that they need from their church. This workshop will address the stereotypes, myths, and taboos often associated with mental illness. You will be given some biblical examples of well known persons that dealt with mental health issues, a general overview of the different types of mental health illnesses, and suggestions of what we can do to support these persons and/or their families. READ MORE
Critical Issues: Women in Transition from Incarceration
Ministering to prisoners as they reenter a community is both a Biblical expectation and one of the most crucial steps to ensuring lasting rehabilitation. This workshop empowers and mobilizes persons in the church to know how to engage people reentering the community. Participants will learn practical ways to serve women transitioning from incarceration. READ MORE