Update: ERT Teams needed in South Carolina, Coordination Plans are in Place


Note to ERTs: Individuals and Teams

October 14, 2015

If you are an ERT in the North Georgia Conference and have called the SC hotline and verified where you are going, pleae let the North Georgia Conference know by emailing ngumcdisasterteams@gmail.com. Cindy and JR Campbell are coordinating among North Georgia teams. 

If you are a trained ERT and would like to join a team please email the above address. There may be opportunities for one or two individuals to join another North Georgia Team. All volunteers must be ERT trained at this phase of response. 

Flood Buckets Arrive in South Carolina from NGUMC

North Georgia Conference Disaster Response volunteers delivered 1,000 UMCOR cleaning buckets and health kits to the South Carolina Conference today. 

Hotline Established by South Carolina Conference

October 12, 2015

The South Carolina Conference has set up a Hotline for ERT Teams to respond to flooding and have extended an invitation for North Georgia ERT teams. If an ERT Team from your church is available, please call 1-800-390-4911.


Responding to Flood and Storm Damage in South Carolina and The Bahamas

From October 6, 2015 (Edited)

Please join us in praying for all affected by flooding and storm damage -- including our neighbors in South Carolina, some here in North Georgia, and our Bridges partners in The Bahamas. 


Those wanting to give to relief efforts can do so through any North Georgia United Methodist Church. Be sure to clearly mark gifts with North Georgia Conference Fund Numbers:

  • South Carolina: "4390 - South Carolina Flooding."
  • Bahamas: "8430 - Bahamas Storm Response."
Churches or individuals can send checks made out to the North Georgia Conference and marked appropriately to: Conference Treasurer's Office, PO Box 102417, Atlanta, GA 30368-2417.

Mission Leader Training

If you or other mission team leaders in your church have not been through UMVIM Mission Leader Training (or if it has been more than 3 years since your training), please consider registering for an upcoming event. Whether your church plans to coordinate local or international mission trips, it is important that Mission Team Leaders are equipped and inspired to lead.  

Gainesville First UMC
October 31

UMVIM Leader Training will be Saturday, October 31, from 9 am to 1 pm. Cost is $20. Contact Rev. Kathy Lamon at 770-536-2341 or klamon@gfumc.com with questions. Register atgfumc.com/missionstraining