Connect with Russell Davis: Associate Director of Connectional Ministries for Camp and Retreat Ministries


Fun Fact: 

I love backpacking and hiking.

What services does your position offer to local Churches?

I’m responsible for the camp and retreat ministries in The North Georgia Conference. This includes Glisson Camp and Retreat Center, and our emerging ministries, Grow and Experiential Leadership Institute. Our task is partnering with churches to nurture faith and discipleship, and to develop Christian servant leaders. We offer summer and year-round programming and also host retreats year-round.

What do you most enjoy about your role in Connectional Ministries?

Having been a camp guy for 23 years, I get to bring a unique perspective to the work of the church, just as many of the other folks on the Connectional Ministries staff. We come to the work of faith formation from outside any particular church context which gives unique perspective that can be difficult to find without stepping out of your particular church setting.

That same kind of perspective is one of the strengths of the camp and retreat experience for those who make time to step out of the local church setting. When we are caught up in our day to day lives it’s difficult to see clearly. We need to get a clearer view of what’s going on. Camp and retreat ministry provides a point of view that’s often transformational for our people and our churches – it’s why I get excited about what I do.


What is your most important asset that you wish all churches knew about?

I love to help teams with team building and strategic planning. After years of doing that in the camp setting, it’s something I enjoy.

How do people arrange to meet with you?

By e-mail:
or by phone: (706) 864-6181


What are your top 5 recommended resources?

1. Camp and Retreat Ministries Page
2. Experiential Leadership Institute | Developing high school students into Christian student leaders
3. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni
4. Crucial Conversations, by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny
5.Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek


Connectional Ministries staff travel across the conference, providing resources and assistance, and exchanging ideas and dynamic discussions regarding various areas of ministry at no cost to the church or clergy.

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