All the Fun! Children's Home 'Takeover Day' Material


The North Georgia Conference and the United Methodist Children's Home had a great time on September 8. The Conference website featured UMCH news and video on the homepage, pasted the UMCH logo over the Conference logo, and handed over the reigns of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for a day to give everyone in the North Georgia Conference a chance to learn about the amazing work of our United Methodist Children's Home. 

Your church is invited to print, post, share or use any of the news, tweets, videos or photos we used on Takeover Day. Plus, access Amazing Grace offering material at

Featured stories were:

Amazing Grace: New Name of the UMCH Work Day Offering
By Bob Bruder-Mattson President and CEO The United Methodist Children’s Home 

Fam Fest: Join the United Methodist Children's Home at Six Flags

Follow the United Methodist Children's Home on Social Media

Homelessness Could Happen to Anyone

Overcoming Fear with Love: Becoming a Foster Family

Video: Changing Lives 

For even more information about the children's home, visit