Pilot Ministry Review Update: Information for Clergy and SPRCs


The letter and information below are for clergy participating in Ministry Review 2.0 and SPR committees.

Clergy and SPRCs,

Most clergy and SPR committee members have completed the assessment portion of the Ministry Review 2.0 and have moved into the Covenant meeting portion of the process. The following is useful information. 

  1. The covenant document that is available through the Pastor Evaluation System link that was sent to clergy as the assessments began is a pdf.  It can be printed, but users are discovering that printing the document results in a multi-page hard copy because the program allows it to print with only one question per page.  We have notified Qualtrics 360 of this, and the current response from Qualtrics 360 is that  the program is written that way and cannot be changed.  We continue to work with Qualtrics for resolution because we are not satisfied with that answer.
  2. The other option for obtaining a hard copy pdf of the Covenant document is found at http://www.ngumc.org/MinisterialServices. At that page see "Ministry Review." Under that heading you will find a SAMPLE Covenant Agreement. If you need additional space to enter response to the questions, just attach a page to the document. 
  3. There have been questions about the Composite Report that graphs and reports the results of the Assessment that the clergy and SPRC members completed. The Pastor Evaluation System will send the clergy a message that the Composite Report is available when a minimum of 5 SPRC assessments have been completed. The Composite Report will continue to update as more assessments are completed, but the Pastor Evaluation System does not notify the clergy that updated reports are available. Clergy should periodically check the link to see how many assessments have been completed and what Composite Report is available. One final check before meeting with the SPRC is advisable to insure that clergy have the latest Composite Report for use in the Covenant meeting.

We have discovered through this process that there are some technology glitches and program writing problems that must be addressed in the evaluation phase of the Pilot later this fall.  We are also discovering that some of the difficulties encountered are not with the program but with user error (!!).  So, as you encounter a problem with the program and accessing what you need, consider taking a deep breath, or count to 10, or walk away for a little while, or best of all, offer a centering prayer! You may resolve the problem! But if you don’t, we want to help you and we want to know what problems you encounter. Because, it’s a pilot!
The Ministry Review 2.0 Team is grateful for your patience, cooperation in piloting the review, feedback and sense of humor. This week, Barbara Waits is not available to receive your questions or requests for assistance. She will again be available on Tuesday and will catch up with her phone messages and emails. 
Grace and peace,
The Ministry Review 2.0 Team