Webinars on Parenting in the Digital Age


Join Craig Kennet Miller in a six part series on iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age. Each hour session will focus on how our digital culture is influencing the live of iKids and their families.

The sessions are based on iKids: Parenting in the Digital Age and Six Values for the Digital Age Group Study. These webinars are offered at no cost by Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church and will be recorded and archived for later viewing.

To sign up or find more information, visit http://ikidsgen.com/ikids-webinars/. 

iKids Webinar 1 - When Everyday is Disneyland
Thursday, September 25th, 10 am Central
Craig Kennet Miller
This introductory session will focus on the influence digital media is having in family life. Participants will learn how iKids and their parents are using techgear like smartphones and tablets and how our children are part of a great experiment. 

iKids Webinar 2 - The Digital Child and Digital Brain
Thursday, October 2, 10 am Central
Craig Kennet Miller
This session will talk about the Three Laws of Digital Life and will focus on how brain development in children is influenced by digital media.

iKids Webinar 3 - Digital Culture and Digital Learning
Thursday, October 9, 10 am Central
Craig Kennet Miller
Participants will contrast their use of digital media when they were children compared to what children have available today. They also will talk about how techgear and digital media changes the way children learn.

iKids Webinar 4 - Digital Creators and Digital Marketing
Thursday, October 16, 10 am
Craig Kennet Miller
This session will tackle the influence of the Creative Class and will look at how digital marketing is used by companies like Target and Facebook to convince us to use their products.

iKids Webinar 5 - Digital Identity and Digital Inc.
Thursday, October 23, 10 am
Craig Kennet Miller
The most important asset a child has is his or her identity. The session will sure to generate discussion as participants look at how video games like Skylanders and product lines like Disney Princess impact the everyday lives of children and their families.

iKids Webinar 6 - Digital Families and Digital Soul
Thursday, October 30, 10 am
Craig Kennet Miller
This session will look at family life in the digital age and how parents and grandparents stand guard at the doors of their children’s lives. It will look at the primary role of parents as the value-shapers, the ones who provide their children with a moral and spiritual foundation that will guide their children throughout their lives.