Central Conference Pensions: A Connectional Success Story


Thanks to the generosity of donors around the world and right here in the North Georgia Conference, The Central Conference Pensions Initiative achieved its $25 million challenge goal late last year. In fact, $26.7 million has been raised to date and $5.1 million in investment earnings have already been distributed to support Central Conference Pensions participants. 

The successful effort will fund pensions for Central Conference clergy, who without this support would have little or nothing in retirement.

Central Conferences are located outside the United States and include annual conferences in Africa, the Philippines and Eurasia. Within the Central Conferences, there are 75 annual conferences with 4.4 million members served by more than 8,000 active clergy. 

After meeting the goal, the name "Central Conference Pension Initiative" was retired in November 2014 and has been re-branded simply "Central Conference Pensions (CCP)."

CCP serves as a model of cooperation and commitment within the church.