Laity and Clergy are Invited to Sing in the Annual Conference Choir


In celebration of harmony and connection, lay and clergy members of the North Georgia Conference are invited to share their musical gifts by singing with the 2009 Annual Conference Session Choir.

This combined choir will sing during the Memorial Service on Wednesday, June 17, at 2 pm.  Beth Shugart will be directing the combined choir.  A rehearsal will held Tuesday, June 16, at 5:30pm in the Grand Hall of the Athens Classic Center.

"This is a practice the Conference used to do years ago," said Herzen Andone, worship coordinator for the Annual Conference Session. "We always received such good feedback about the combined choir, we thought we'd bring it back."

The message it sends is also important this year.

“With all the uncertainly that is going on these days,” Andone adds, “we really want to get across feelings of wholeness and unity while people are at conference.  How wonderful for a mixture of lay and clergy to lift their voices together as a unified body of Christ."

The anthem to be sung will be "We Look to Thee" composed by Brad Ellingboe and published by Kjos Music Company. If available, participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the music with them. Copies may be ordered through Kjos Music Company by referencing order #9021 or JW Pepper by calling 770-941-9100. Participants of the 2009 Annual Conference Choir are also strongly encouraged to bring their choir or clergy robe if they intend to sing.

For more information, and to sign up for the choir, contact Beth Shugart at