UMMen Volunteers Begin Rebuilding Children's Home Cottage


The foundation is poured, and the framing is underway. Volunteers from United Methodist Men's groups recently began rebuilding Leigh Cottage at the United Methodist Children's Home in Decatur. The cottage was destroyed by fire in 2007.

"We have had two great teams the last Saturdays in August working on Leigh Cottage at the UMCH," said Robert Rylee, Volunteer Coordinator, UMCH Leigh Cottage Rebuild Project. "Teams from Brightstar UMC and Jodeco Road UMC have lead the way working on the floor system and starting on the framing walls in the basement area."

Other volunteers are needed to join and help to get the floor and wall framing completed by October 10.

"We need construction and meal teams for each weekends starting with Sept.12," said Rylee. "If you can get a team up for weekdays, that would be excellent too."

They are also seeking help supporting volunteers with meals and construction materials.  If you are able to support these efforts financially, your contributions are welcomed.

If you have a team or need to contact the United Methodist Men, call 1.877.866.3601 or email: Go to the United Methodist Men of the North Georgia Conference web site for regular updates and more information:
--Sybil Davidson