Website Launches Two New Features, More Ways to Connect


Did you read a great story on the Conference website? What about an event you want to share with all your friends? Do you wish the conference web content was more accessible to the Latino congregation at your church?

No problem! The Conference website has two new features and a new way to connect on Facebook.

At, every interior page now features a "Share" button at the bottom of the left navigation bar. (Go ahead and scroll down to check it out.) You can use the "Share" bar to post pages to Facebook or Twitter, to email pages or even to print.

And while you're on Facebook, become a fan of the North Georgia Conference. The "page" offers a better, easier way to communicate than the group. To become a fan, just go to

Another new feature is "Google Translate." By using this tool (also found at the bottom of the left navigation bar) you can translate the conference website into 30 different languages including Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

--Sybil Davidson