North Georgia's Response to Haiti Emergency


As reports of the earthquake in Haiti become more complete, there are ways in which the North Georgia Conference can respond now and as the year progresses.

What We Can Do Now
• Pray for the people of Haiti and for all the first responders working now.
• Pray for Rev. Albert Melifaite and the congregation of First Haitian Church (AROS). Rev. Melifaite has extensive family in Port au Prince and he has been unable to contact them. Many in the congregation are in similar circumstances.
• UMCOR will send a truck to North Georgia on Monday, January 18, to pick up Health Kits. If your church or group can assemble kits, please contact the Disaster Response team at 770-739-9537. Instructions for assembling and shipping health kits are available at (Please note that the buckets MUST include exactly what is specified or they cannot be shipped internationally.)
• Give to the UMCOR advance through your church using NGA Fund 4183, Haiti Emergency. Mail to Conference Treasurer's Office, PO Box 102417, Atlanta, GA 30368-2417.
• Keep current information about the response and recovery in front of your congregation through newsletters, Sunday bulletins or emails.
• The latest and best UMC response information can be found on the UMCOR website and the UMVIM website and our Conference web site.
• Consider a organizing a trained work team for deployment later in the year to help rebuild.  Teams now are not appropriate,  Contact your District Disaster Response coordinator (listed at for guidelines and requirements for team work.

Please DO NOT plan to send:
• Clothes…instead, have a local yard sale and give the proceeds to the UMCOR advance or to help sponsor a team.
• Untrained volunteers.
• Items in Health Kits that are not on UMCOR's prescribed list.  When mailing internationally, the kits must be exactly as specified. The most current list specifically does not include toothpaste.

Please check back to regularly. Updates will be made as they are available.