Georgia United Methodists to Gather at State Capitol in Defense of Children


Continuing in the denomination’s long tradition of standing up for people on the margins, The Advocacy Team of the North Georgia Conference calls upon all United Methodists to gather at the Capitol on Thursday, February 11. In conjunction with the Interfaith Children’s Movement of Georgia, the Presbytery of Atlanta, and Youth V.I.B.E. people will gather for the purpose of working to create safer communities for our children.
Beginning at Trinity United Methodist Church at 9 am, there will be a welcome and orientation session, giving skills for people to find and speak with their elected representatives. 
  • Specifically we will be addressing the following five issues:
  • Re-write of Georgia's Juvenile Code (SB 292)
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (SB 91, HB 582, SB 74, SB 304)
  • Health Care/PeachCare for Kids:  $1 Cigarette Tax (HB 39)
  • Poverty Relief/Childcare Assistance through Emergency TANF Funds (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  • Georgia's Universal Pre-K Program - 80% Enrollment Goal and Availability for all Children
At 10am, there will be updates regarding the reform of the juvenile justice code as well as child sexual exploitation and trafficking. These session will be held at Central Presbyterian Church, across from the Capitol Building.
Any person interested in attending The Day at the Capitol are encouraged to contact their State Representative and State Senator. For help identifying or contacting them, please use the free tool provided by the General Board of Church and Society.