Coming up in the North Georgia Advocate: Q&A with Bishop Watson


For the past three decades, Bishop Mike Watson has been reading the Bible through each year, from Genesis to Revelation. The North Georgia Advocate recently asked him some questions related to this spiritual discipline. Here is a sampling of those responses (full Q&A will appear in the Feb. 19 edition of the Advocate):

NGA: How has this affected your faith?
Bishop Watson: Spending fifteen minutes a day reading through the Bible in a year has enriched my daily devotional time, increased my familiarity with scripture, become a source of calming strength for the stress of daily living, helped me understand that Biblical characters were real people facing the same issues I face, and deepened my faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit has spoken directly to me through the Bible.

NGA: Do you have a favorite verse or verses? 
Bishop Watson: As a Christian I find myself remembering God's call to reconciling ministry found in II Corinthians 5:16-21 as I seek to be a new creation in Jesus Christ. 

NGA: After all these years, are you ever surprised by anything you read in scripture? 
Bishop Watson: No matter how many times I read through the Bible I continue to be surprised by new revelations to me.  I find myself thinking, "How did I miss this before?"

For a full version of this article, see the February 19 edition of the North Georgia Advocate. 
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