North Georgia continues to respond to metro Atlanta floods


While much progress has been made, the North Georgia Conference is still hard at work responding to the needs of people affected by the September 2009 floods in Metro Atlanta.
Working out of the Disaster Response Warehouse in Austell, the conference hosts approximately three volunteer work teams each week and are tackling about 10 houses at a time.
“It takes five or six weeks to get a house done once we get started,” said Mike Yoder, chair of Disaster Response for the Conference. “There are still approximately 200 homes in Cobb County, 140 in Douglas Country and others in Gwinnett, DeKalb and Cherokee that need to be rebuilt or repaired.”
In addition to the volunteer work teams, the warehouse has two full-time staff (unpaid) and five additional volunteers from Austell UMC. The conference also has four unpaid construction coordinators, one paid caseworker, and three paid construction supervisors. In Cobb County we have 15 volunteer caseworkers and in Douglas we have 10 volunteer caseworkers.  Approximately 150 college students from Atlanta also volunteer each week.
The conference isn’t alone its commitment to the long-term recovery process. Our disaster response team works with a coalition of faith groups to coordinate efforts and share resources.
While the need in North Georgia is great, the Disaster Response Team is also accepting Health Kits and coordinating North Georgia’s response to the Haiti and Chili earthquakes and other disaster response efforts. When

How You Can Help

·         Donate (Mark you check “Fund 3740”)
·         Provide housing for volunteer work teams (This is a dire need and we make a special plea to Metro Atlanta churches to consider how you might help us house and feed volunteers)
·         Transport Health Kits to Sager Brown Depot in Louisiana  
Contact Disaster Response at
6289 Veterans Memorial Highway
Building 32
Austell, GA