Central Conference Pension Initiative nears challenge goal


The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits and the office of the Central Conference Pension Initiative (CCPI) recently announced the attainment of $21,227,601  to fund pensions for the central conferences (those outside the United States). Of this total, the North Georgia Conference’s contributions are now at $1,361,651.
This milestone comes approximately two years after CCPI launched its initial fundraising effort, and 10 years after CCPI was created with a General Conference 2000 charge to launch “a pension support plan for the central conferences.”
The achievement of this significant funding milestone is cause for celebration, but it does not represent the culmination of the CCPI fundraising effort. At year-end 2009, CCPI announced an additional $5 million challenge goal—for a total of at least $25 million—primarily to accommodate growth in the central conferences since the initiative began 10 years ago. CCPI staff hopes to meet this challenge goal in the coming year as the initiative continues to spread its message in word and deed across the denomination.