Action Ministries Special Offering – November 14, 2010


Matthew 25:40 tells us that what we do for the least among us, we do for Him.

For five decades, North Georgia Methodists have answered this call by supporting the good works of Action Ministries through financial gifts, volunteer service, and prayer.  Action Ministries is doing good for the most vulnerable among us throughout the North Georgia Conference through its ministry to the hungry, the homeless, and the addicted.

Economic conditions in the past few years have affected people in every community. We all know good people who have lost jobs and homes through no fault of their own. The need for services has never been greater than it is now and, unfortunately, is growing every day.

In this time of greatest need, the Conference has had to make some difficult financial decisions, including reducing the funding Action Ministries has traditionally received directly from apportionments.  To help offset this reduction, in 2009 the Conference approved an annual Special Offering to benefit Action Ministries.

The need for Action Ministries’ services has never been greater than it is now and, unfortunately, is growing every day.
Just to give you several examples of how Action Ministries has helped:

  • Mary was embarrassed when she came to Our Daily Bread because she had lost her job and hadn’t eaten in two days. Every day in 2009, our ministry served over 276 meals to hungry persons  and distributed over 1991 pounds of food each day.
  • Diana’s young girls were behind in reading when she came to the homeless shelter.  Six months later they enjoy reading and are reading at grade level. Last year, 327 children received supplies and clothes for school and 262  homeless children received after school tutoring and life skills training.
  • Bob’s  injured leg became infected forcing him to miss several weeks of work.  Bob and Betty fell behind on their rent and with the help of Action Ministries emergency assistance program, the couple were not evicted. During 2009, 1,218 persons received emergency assistance, almost 20,000 received information and referral and about 2,187 received health related assistance.
  • Marie and her 4 children were living in a domestic violence shelter, not knowing where they would go next.  Two years later, they are living independently and thriving. In 2009, 262 homeless persons including children received transitional housing and counseling to start a new life. 

Action Ministries has program offices in Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Decatur, Gainesville, and Rome as well as 30 transitional homes throughout North Georgia.

Your response to the Special Offering will have a major impact on our ability to continue doing the work of serving those who need help and hope the most.

To receive more information, please contact Cyndy Ridgeway, Development Assistant at 404-881-1991 ext. 5610 or or visit .  The Offering video and materials are posted on the website.