An open letter to the men of the North Georgia Conference


December 28, 2010

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Season’s greetings to you and your families!

Throughout our long history of service to and through the over 149,000 men of the North Georgia Conference, the United Methodist Men of North Georgia have seen great success in spreading the Gospel through Men’s Ministry and Missions both at home and abroad.  Many have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, especially at the Annual Men’s Spiritual Retreat at Rock Eagle.  At this time in our history, we are faced with an economic crisis, which is challenging our ministry and mission efforts. We are writing to ask for your prayers and financial support so that ministry to and through men will continue to flourish to the glory of Jesus Christ. 

We realize you might not be aware of the numerous ministries in which United Methodist Men are involved in our communities across Georgia, the United States and around the World. 

  • Locally, UMM supported the rebuilding of Leigh Cottage at the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur by coordinating over 11,300 volunteer hours and providing meals to over 1500 volunteers; built several wheel chair ramps and repaired homes throughout North Georgia to make them livable.
  • Across the US, numerous homes were rebuilt or repaired in areas affected by disasters
  • We fed the hungry by gleaning fields and distributing produce in several states. 
  • Internationally, we help fund the drilling of a well in Mozambique, providing much needed clean drinking water to a school house.  A second well lacks $1500 of the $7000 needed to start drilling. 
  • We have trained Boy Scout leaders locally and nationally. 
  • The North Georgia Conference’s Bridges initiative to Uganda includes a five year, cross-cultural exchange of Boy Scouts and provides life-saving mosquito nets. 
  • For almost 50 years, the Annual Men’s Spiritual Retreat at Rock Eagle has blessed men with awesome preaching, great music, and quality fellowship time each September. At Rock Eagle in 2010, 270 lbs of canned food were collected and distributed along with 44,000 lbs of potatoes to food banks across North Georgia, 70,000 meals were provided through the Society of St. Andrew by giving of “coins in our pockets”, 44 pints of blood were donated to Give Life to 132 people and walls for a new home were framed and loaded on a semi trailer in less than 3 hours for a needy family in West Georgia.

This is only a partial, but representative list of the many ministries of the United Methodist Men of North Georgia meeting the needs of people and making a positive impact on their lives.

We understand the current economic conditions are causing people to cut back in many areas.  Our ministries have, in the past two years, suffered significant cutbacks as well. Staff and expenses have been cut to the bare bone to reduce cost and operate within the gifts received.

We are now at a crisis point where a significant increase in support is necessary or we will be forced to end or curtail the ministry programs we offer.

The objective of this letter is to inform and create regular, sustaining givers to support our mission and ministry to men. We are asking you to commit to a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual gift to sustain our ministries.  We hope you will prayerfully consider an annual, tax-deductible, commitment of $100 or an amount God leads you to give. 

A very legitimate question you might ask is, “What’s in it for me?” 

We know many churches have outstanding Men’s Ministries and many of you are already contributing your Gifts, Talents, Leadership, Presence and Witness.  We praise God for your efforts! Our connectional system is a strong asset in meeting the needs of those that no single church can reach. It is through this system that we all have the opportunity to make a bigger difference by banding together to reach both the lost and the needy in our world.  United, we are the hands and feet of Christ in a unique and powerful way.  For the sake of the Kingdom, that unity must continue.

We conclude with these points:
1) We exist to bring men to Jesus Christ and for no other reason. 
2) We are a self-funded organization depending solely on your generosity, as we receive no funding from the North Georgia Conference or through apportionments.
3) The United Methodist Men Conference Leadership Team is leading by example; committing to consistent giving of long-term financial support that we are asking of you.

If you wish to contribute online or set up a recurring (monthly, quarterly or annual) contribution, visit our website and follow the Contributions link in the left hand menu.  Please donate today. 

Just as we learned at the Annual Men’s Spiritual Retreat at Rock Eagle this year, "When Men Pray we strengthen our relationship with God and receive peace”. Likewise, "When Men Give, we support an array of ministries to and through men, positively impacting families and neighbors and sharing peace”.

Thank you for prayerfully considering our request.

In His Service,
The Executive Committee
North Georgia Conference United Methodist Men