North Georgia Advocate goes online


North Georgia Advocate goes online

Beginning Friday, Feb. 4, the North Georgia Advocate will be available online, at

The North Georgia Advocate will continue to produce its normal print edition, publishing the first and third Friday of each month in conjunction with the United Methodist Reporter. The online edition of the Advocate will be free and will not require registration, but you can receive each edition automatically by signing up at

The online version of the Advocate also will include a link to a PDF of the corresponding issue of the UM Reporter.

“We realize, in the constantly evolving information age, many people prefer to get their news electronically,” said North Georgia Advocate editor Glenn Hannigan. “This is an important step for us to continue fulfilling the mission of the newspaper. We are committed to doing the best job we can to keep the 350,000 United Methodists in our conference informed.”

In addition to making all news content available on the Internet, the online edition of the North Georgia Advocate will allow archiving of all news, stories and features, such as Bishop Mike Watson’s column and Sunday school lessons. It will also make all the content in the Advocate searchable.

“There will be many benefits in offering the Advocate online,” Hannigan said. “We will have links to make it easier for churches and organizations to send us information about their news and events. We believe this will be a strong tool in enhancing communications across the conference.”

The print edition of the newspaper continues a tradition that began more than 170 years ago, with publication of the first Wesleyan Christian Advocate. The WCA, which covered both the North and South Georgia Conferences, published its final edition in May 2009. It was replaced by two papers: The North Georgia Advocate and the South Georgia Advocate.

The Advocate, published under the direction of the conference Communications Office, is the official news source of the North Georgia Conference. The North Georgia Advocate has a paid circulation of approximately 4,000. It is $25 for a year subscription and $23 for anyone age 65 or older. To subscribe to the North Georgia Advocate, call 1-877-465-1685 or go online:

To contact Glenn Hannigan, editor of the North Georgia Advocate, please email him at