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Everything Wesley
Area: General Church
Idea: Participants will learn about John Wesley and how his personal
faith journey informed and shaped the Methodist Revival Movement
in Britain and America, United Methodist Doctrine and Theology
(including drawing distinctions between Wesleyan/Arminian theology
and Calvinism), and the Theology and Administration of the Holy
John Beyers, Jamie Jenkins
Exploring Disability Ministries: A 101 Primer
Area: Advocacy
Idea: Sometimes the question to ask at church is not “who is here?”
rather, “who is not here?” In this workshop, participants will engage
a range of topics that include things such as; How to engage children
with special needs, and Your Disability audit – Have you completed
yours yet?, and more. Reaching out to the community to offer assistance
and insights with special ministries in mind transforms everyone
involved in a loving and positive way. This is especially good for
the church looking for a whole new edge in sharing the love of Christ.
Catherine Boothe
Youth Ministry in Small Membership Churches
Area: Nurture
Idea: The challenges and rewards of working with youth in small
membership churches are many. Blair will use her experiences
and background to help volunteers understand the nature, scope,
and expectations of working with small groups in small churches.
Participants will be greatly encouraged and equipped to go forward
after this class.
Blair Boyd Zant
Life-changing Mission Trips, the United Methodist Way
Area: Outreach
Idea: This workshop will detail the steps to set up (or fine tune) a
mission trip-sending program at your church, with emphasis on team
leader training, building enthusiasm, fundraising, selecting your team,
picking a location, getting adequate insurance, and more.
Dalton Rushing
Planning the Church Year
Area: Parish Life
Idea: Participants in this workshop will learn and discuss the many
creative ways of planning a full and vibrant church program that includes
areas of education, activities, missions, and worship services for
a full year - bringing committees and groups together.
Royeese Stowe
From the Streets to Their Seats
Area: Witness & Worship
Idea: In this workshop participants will discuss ways to engage firsttime
guests in ways that lead them toward becoming full engaged
members of your congregation. They will examine how to make a
welcoming first visit lead to a follow up with guests and continuing
into assimilation for new members into the life of the church.
Brett DeHart, Terri Hoye