NGUMC mail is being migrated to Gmail


To make this transition as easy as possible, the IT Office wants to help you forward your Gmail account to another email address of your choice, as well as move any of your saved messages into your new Gmail account upon request.

Important: please read the information below regarding the ACTION STEP(S) needed to make this transition.  Please pay close attention to deadline dates.

Please note: your clergy email address ( will remain unchanged!
When do I need to complete the ACTION STEP(S)?
While the ACTION STEP(S) for email forwarding and message migration should have been completed in January, there are other ACTION STEP(S) that should be completed before February 14th.

Your email will no longer be delivered through the current Squirrel Mail system after February 14th.  You must make the transition before February 14thso you will not experience an interruption in email service. 

Please note, the Squirrel Mail system will be turned off officially on March 1st. You have until February 28th to retrieve contacts and any saved messages from Squirrel Mail. To do this, please see "How do I move messages from Squirrel Mail?" and "What do I do about my existing contacts in Squirrel Mail?" below.
How do I forward my account to another email address?
ACTION STEP:  Send a request to support(at) The request must include your email address, and the email address to which your email is to be forwarded. You should send the request right now!

Important: if your messages are currently being forwarded on Squirrel Mail, you still must send in a request to have them forwarded on Gmail. If you use forwarding, you do not need to do any other ACTION STEP(S) below.
How do I begin using this new email system?
ACTION STEP: Manage your email, starting February 1st, by logging in at The first time you log in you will need to complete a brief confirmation screen, and change your password. Please see the "What is my Gmail username and password?" section below. A “Getting Started Guide” is available at
How do I move messages from Squirrel Mail?
ACTION STEP: Send a message migration request to support(at) to have any saved messages moved from Squirrel Mail to your new Gmail account. The request must include your email address, and your password to the legacy Squirrel Mail system. We typically do not ask you for your password; however, they are needed in order to access the account and migrate the messages. Requests received in January will be migrated starting February 1st.
What if I am using an email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.)?
ACTION STEP: Set up your email client during the first two weeks in February. Directions are available at Please see the "What is my Gmail username and password?" section below.
Can I access my account on my mobile phone?
ACTION STEP: You may setup a mobile phone as your only access method, or use it in addition to another method (this may require leaving a copy of messages on the server). Directions are available at Please see the "What is my Gmail username and password?" section below.
What do I do about my existing contacts in Squirrel Mail?
ACTION STEP:  You may create Contacts in Gmail one at a time, or import them using a CSV file. You can export a CSV file from Squirrel Mail, however the file will need to be reformatted before it can be imported into Gmail. More information about formatting CSV files is available at Please note: Contacts are not included with the message migration.
What is my Gmail username and password?
Your username will be: (

Your new password: Gmail requires passwords to be at least six characters in length. The initial password for Gmail is based upon your MyWeb/DataServices password. If your MyWeb/DataServices password is shorter than six characters 'wxyz' has been appended to the end. If you can’t remember this password, please visit and enter your clergy email address. Please note: Until you transition to Gmail, the email message with your account information will be delivered through the Squirrel Mail system. The first time you log into Gmail you will need to complete a brief confirmation screen, and change your password.
What if I need additional support in the process?
Support is provided by the IT Office at 678-533-1363 or support(at)
Why Gmail?
Gmail provides better support for mobile devices, and an improved web interface. Gmail will also provide better continuity of service and disaster recovery.