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 Building Community

Area: Parish Life

Idea: In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify and develop strategic opportunities to connect the local church with the surrounding community with an emphasis on free and low cost methods, overcoming barriers to community building. 

Faculty: Brett DeHart, Eric Lee

Successful Stewardship in Challenging Times

Area: Witness & Worship

Idea: This workshop addresses the challenges of budget in this new economy, making decisions as well as helping skeptical people understand and appreciate the importance of conference apportionments.

Faculty: Dan Brown

Homeless Ministries

Area: Outreach

Idea: Some congregations see this around them, others don’t – but the homeless and the issues that cause it and keep it from going away are around all of us, all the time. There is a biblical mandate to minister to the poor and outcast and this workshop can introduce the problems, approaches, and tools that heighten awareness and ways the church can proactively get involved.

Faculty: Virginia Tinsley