Become a foster parent through the United Methodist Children's Home


By Denise Peacock

Many families who feel called to foster are not aware that they have a choice to foster through a faith-based agency, such as the  North Georgia United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur. 
Family Foster Care is one of the residential ministries offered by the Children’s Home. The Children’s Home has been offering family foster care and adoption for children since 1972. 
Because the Children’s Home had to turn down almost 100 children in 2010 who were in need of a foster family, either because of a lack of space or a lack of the right space, their goal for 2011 is to double their number of approved foster homes in order to serve more children. As they expand outside of the greater Atlanta area, the Children’s Home is pleased to have added a Foster Care Worker in its Gainesville District Office.
The Foster Care Department of the Children’s Home is licensed to provide care for children of all ages, including medically fragile children. Their greatest need is for families willing and able to care for teenagers and for siblings. The majority of referrals received by the Children’s Home are for siblings. 
Often times, the agency does not have a home able to care for the number of siblings referred.  The approval of additional homes will allow a greater opportunity for matching the children to the right family. 
Once approved, a foster family becomes part of a team working toward permanency for the children served.  The permanency plan may mean the children returning to live with their parents or other family member, sometimes in a few days or a number of months, or it may mean adoption. 

The UMCH, as a licensed adoption agency, is able to see the family through the adoption process as well. Over half of the current homes approved by UMCH have adopted in the past. There are currently three families moving toward the finalization of their adoptions of seven children! 
If you or someone you know is being called to open your heart and home to these children in need, The Children’s Home offers informational meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. 
To learn more you may go to the Children’s Home website,

Denise Peacock is the Foster Care Recruiter at the Children’s Home. Contact her at 404-327-5864 or