NGUMC preachers a popular option on Day1


  When Dunwoody UMC senior pastor Wiley Stephens is featured on the Day1 radio broadcast next month, he will become the sixth guest speaker on the show from the North Georgia Conference in a little more than a year.
     Wiley will be featured on the April 3 and April 10 broadcasts.
    Considering that Day1, which is carried on more than 200 stations, has guest speakers from more than a half-dozen mainline Protestant churches, the contributions from the North Georgia Conference in a 13-month span are significant.
       “We are very blessed to have so many gifted preachers in north Georgia,” said Peter Wallace, executive producer and host of the show. “And Wiley is one of our most popular contributors. There is always strong demand for transcripts of his sermons.”      
       Day1, which began broadcasting in 1945 as "The Protestant Hour," is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, a nonprofit mainline media ministry based in Atlanta. Day1 is a half-hour show, broadcast on seven radio stations in north Georgia, including WSB (750 AM/95.5 FM).
       Each broadcast begins with Wallace interviewing the guest for a few minutes, then a scripture reading followed by a sermon.
       “You hear a lot about how so many churches are drying up and dying,” Wallace said, “but there are so many growing, dynamic churches in this area. I feel like we are just scratching the surface with getting great preachers on the show.”
        The previous guests on Day1 from the North Georgia Conference in the past year:
       On March 28, 2010, Bishop Mike Watson shared a message entitled, “Holy Week: Then and Now.”
       On April 25, Royesse Stowe , senior pastor of Chamblee FUMC, delivered a message called, “There Is Something About That Name.”
     On May 2, Jan Love, dean of Candler School of Theology, spoke on “Encountering Other Religions.” And on May 9, she shared a message entitled, “The Grace of the City of God.”
    On Oct. 31, Glenn Ethridge, senior pastor of Oak Grove UMC, delivered a message called, “Spiritual Friendships.”
    On Feb. 27, 2011, Gil Watson, senior pastor of Northside UMC, explained how to “Get Your Thinking Right.”
          “I feel like I have the best job in the world,” Wallace said. “I get to meet so many great preachers and we always seem to have a great time together.”
           In addition to being broadcast on more than 200 AM and FM radio stations from coast to coast, Canada, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Africa, the website offers downloadable podcasts and searchable sermon transcript archive.