Sharing the joy and giving thanks for our vital, creative conference


      Ministry in and through the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church is exhilarating because this great conference is making a positive difference for the cause of Christ here at home and all across the world.
      In recent days, I have experienced the joy of sharing part of North Georgia vitality during a seminar sponsored by the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, which is a partnership between our Emory University's Candler School of Theology and the World Methodist Council's World Methodist Evangelism ministry. I presented what we have learned from our exciting efforts in new church development to other United Methodist clergy and laity from Germany, Switzerland, England, and Estonia, who attended a week long seminar in Braunfels, Germany.
      We met at what I would describe as the German Simpsonwood called Haus Hohenblick. As I prepared and presented information for our sisters and brothers in Europe, I gave thanks to God for the creative efforts of our strong conference in carrying out our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
      It has also been my joy to represent the North Georgia Conference by bringing greetings and welcoming 300 clergywomen from the nine states that make up the Southeast Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church as they held their quadrennial meeting in Atlanta. This is a dynamic group of women who have answered God's call upon their lives to serve in Christian ministry. What a joy to host this group here in North Georgia where so many clergywomen are serving our Lord so effectively in mission and ministry. 
       During the magnificent worship service on the consultation's first night, inspiring music, powerful praying, and challenging preaching preceded Holy Communion and sending forth. All three of the Southeast Jurisdiction's female bishop's proclaimed God's Word and I was the only man on the program. It was a great night.
       As our appointive cabinet is now engaged in the important work of appointment-making for the upcoming annual conference year, please be in prayer for me and all of the district superintendent's as we seek to be faithful in our work.  This is a wonderful conference and we want to be all that God would have us be so that the world may know Jesus Christ! Dear God, let it be.           

Grace and peace,
Mike Watson
Resident Bishop
North Georgia Episcopal Area
The United Methodist Church