Do you know the Mission Map?


By Phil Schroeder

The North Georgia Conference has a Mission Map for local, national and international missions located on our conference website. For international trips, you can click on a country to see who is already working there as well as upcomingtrips to that region. 
Recently a group from North Georgia was surprised to meet another local church’s team at the San Salvador airport. They were both working in the same country but were unaware of the other’s presence.
We need your help to keep the opportunities current so our teams can connect and
multiply mission efforts.
Is God calling you to be part of a Mission Trip this summer? Why not connect with teams headed to Brazil with Mt.Zion in Marietta? Or join Sugarloaf in their work at a Navajo Indian Reservation? Or work with youth and families in the Czech Republic with McEachern? Perhaps join Peachtree City in Guatemala or South Africa? May
you could take a few days to work locally with Action Ministries or MUST.
You may just be the team member they need!
Visit to see our list of Mission Volunteer Opportunities and become a partner with other churches.

Schroeder is Associate Director of Connectional Ministries. Email him at