The United Methodist Property and Casualty Trust is now United Methodist Insurance


The United Methodist Property and Casualty Trust, the preferred insurer of churches, agencies and conferences in the United Methodist Church, now has a new name that better represents its mission, vision and commitment to United Methodists and their ministries: United Methodist Insurance.

"We are better than ever," said Irene Howard, CEO. "No other insurance company understands local churches like we do because we were purposefully designed for local church ministry. As the United Methodist Property and Casualty Trust, we've been serving churches, conferences and agencies reliably and faithfully since 1976. That will not change. The new name builds on our successes over the past 35 years and better reflects our single focus on serving United Methodists and their good works."

As a leader in insurance for United Methodist conferences across the United States, the company has been and remains focused on continuous improvement to meet the distinctive needs of clients. Its innovative measures will continue to enhance customer care, lower cost and broaden coverage that is unique to ministry.

Whether it is from new strategic partnerships or new service changes in the company, United Methodist Insurance has demonstrated it is one of the most dynamic providers. Noted for its persistent self-assessments, the company has strategically moved forward to meet the needs and demands of an ever-growing community. “We believe it’s important to keep our customers and prospective clients up-to-date on what we are doing. We encourage feedback at all levels, and that has, ultimately, moved us forward,” added Howard. “United Methodist conferences want service improvement, and we intend to deliver.”

As part of its continued focus on convenience, customer service and education, United Methodist Insurance is also launching a wide range of online resources tailored to the specific needs of United Methodists (

"Trustees, leaders, pastors, and administrators will be able to dialog with us in the way that's best for them," added Howard. "Our fresh website is easy to use, is packed with ministry-specific resources, and offers a direct avenue for quotes and service."

In addition, United Methodist Insurance will offer a YouTube channel, Twitter account and other online tools to ensure all United Methodists have access to valuable resources created just for them. For more information, please visit and search "Methodist Insurance."

"If your ministry is currently insured with us, you are accustomed to receiving the best loss control resources, including ministry protection memos and webinars," said Joy Melton, Chief Resource Officer. “Not only will you continue to have access to the archive of exceptional resources, we are developing more resources regularly, which are of unparalleled excellence.”