For the record: The facts and figures of Annual Conference


Commissioned and ordained
Elders in Full Connection ordained:
Leonard Akers
Jennifer Anderson
Julie Ann Boone
Kate Hurst Floyd
Joyce E. Banks Gross
Hugh Edward Hendrickson
Donald Ray Landen, Jr.
Christopher Deklan Laskey
Eric Lee
Terrilyn Davis Lemons
Kenneth Mark McLendon
Thomas Michael Moss
Matthew Neal Nelson
Joseph P. Peabody, Jr.
Richard Allen Pletsch
Laura Paige Pritchard
Melvin David Sisler, Jr.
Jasmine Rose Smothers
Deacons in Full Connection ordained:
Amihan (Amy) Valdez Barker
Carrie E. Finegan
Kristin Lynne Heiden
Elizabeth Bond Hamer Nall
Andrew Cantrell Peabody
Susan Moore Pinson 

Provisional Members commissioned:
Kevin Bryan Barnes
Michael Kent Burel
Theresa P. Coleman
Thomas David Compton
Carol Snype Crawford
Michael Leonard Devine
Ashley Susan Fitzpatrick
Lynn Ford Gibson
Adam Seth Hilderbrandt
Valerie J. Loner
Whitney Roark Martin
Joseph Daniel McBrayer
Janet Gwendolyn McCoy
Luis Antonio Ortiz
Jay Ryan Suender
Fleming Thompson, Jr.
Brian Armon Tillman
Matthew Alfton Tuggle
John McRae Turlington
James Michael Wadley
Michael Orville Whittaker 

Church membership
357,741, (increase of 1,467)
Average worship attendance
Total giving in 2010: $25,608,092 (includes conference advances, general advance specials, special offerings and apportionments.)
More than 70 percent of churches paid 100 percent of their apportionments.
Augusta District had highest percentage of church paying full apportionments: 94.4 percent.
Harry Denman Evangelism Award
Clergy Award – Michael McQueen of St. James UMC Alpharetta
Laity Award – Maggie Lasher of Trinity UMC Cartersville
Youth Award – Brandon Pennamon of Golden Memorial UMC
 Imagine No Malaria offering
$113,529.80 (as of June 21)
 Biggest increase in worship attendance
St James UMC Alpharetta, 207
Impact UMC, 168
Sugarloaf UMC, 126
Peachtree Road UMC, 105
The UMC at the Well, 104
Korean Church – Norcross, 85
Gainesville First UMC, 72
Greensboro First UMC, 66
Bethlehem First, 62
Mt Bethel UMC Marietta, 60
Most professions of faith in 2010
Mt. Bethel UMC Marietta, 192
Golden Memorial UMC, 166
Mt. Pisgah UMC, 149
Cascade UMC, 147
St. James UMC Alpharetta, 119
Dunwoody UMC, 110
Due West UMC, 109
Wesley UMC Evans, 107
Roswell UMC, 103
Northside UMC, 101
 Largest percentage of membership increase
 Korean Church LaGrange, 950%
Crossroads UMC, 130%
Fountain Of Love UMC 96%
Athens Latino Mission 89%
The UMC at the Well 46%
Cliftondale UMC 39%
Mt Berry UMC 37%
The UMC of the Way 36%
Chinese UMC 31%
Fairview UMC Forsyth 30%
 Clergy elected to the 2012 General Conference Session
1. Sharma Denise Lewis
2. Jonathan Holston
3. James Cantrell
4. Phil Schroeder
5. Jane Brooks
6. P. Alice Rogers
7. Kyle Edward Tomlinson
8. John Anderson Simmons
9. Nora Martinez
10. Jamie Jenkins
11. Chuck Savage
12. Steve Wood
13. David Bevel Jones

Laity elected to the 2012 General Conference Session
1. Jane Finley
2. Lyn Powell
3. Mathew Pinson
4. Joe M. Whittemore
5. Jeff Jernigan
6. Bill Stikes
7. Tonya Murphy
8. Leon Jourolman
9. Dianne Spencer
10. Joe Kilpatrick
11. Richard Williamson
12. Bill Martin
13. Marjorie Kimbrough

Clergy elected to the 2012 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference
1. Wiley Stephens
2. Elizabeth Larocca-Pitts
3. David Allen Grady
4. Richard Winn
5. James Ellison
6. Dianne Parish
7. Joy Melton
8. Karen Kagiyama
9. Leon Matthews
10. Renita Thomas
11. Richard Hunter
12. Bridgette Young
13. Mike Cash

Laity elected to the 2012 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference
1. Keith Cox
2. Gary Fuller
3. Jasper Russell Sr.
4. Hank Huckaby
5. Dianne Traynham
6. Debby Stikes
7. Micah Arrington
8. Janet Sligar
9. Elizabeth Corrie
10. Al Stocks
11. Sue Raymond
12. Robert Fincher
13. Jack Camarda

Clergy Reserve Members
1. Jimmy Moor
2. Susan Allen Grady
3. David Walters
4. Glenn Ethridge
5. Davis Chappell

Lay Reserve Members
1. Charles Miller
2. Tom Cook
3. Ida Florine Tarver Jones
4. Lowell Kirkman
5. Christian Higgins      
Church of Excellence in Outreach Awards    
Union Point UMC, AGST, Bert Mathews, pastor, Pat Flynt, lay rep
Loganville First UMC, ATHN, David Gravitt, pastor, Glenda Creasy, lay rep
North Decatur UMC, ADOX, Lee Fullerton, pastor, Alton Jones, lay rep
East Cobb UMC, AMAR, Brian Germano, pastor, Lee Bierce, lay rep
McEachern Memorial UMC, AMAR, Donna J. Goff, missions pastor, and Selena Prado, missions chair
Chamblee First UMC, AROS, Josh Roberts, associate pastor, and Richard Hickam, lay rep.

Retirees honored
Steven Roy Barnum   
Barbara Bean
Herbert C. Blackburn    
John Wesley Brinsfield  
Harold Cobb   
James Dykes   
Mary Lou Gilbert   
Ken Godfrey   
Gary Greenwald   
Fred R. Heard   
C.R. Hill    
Alfred J. Hoard   
Judson B. (Jay) Hodges, Jr.  
James D. Howell    
Steven Jones   
Peggy L. Little
Robert Manley  
Richard Noth, Jr.     
Elaine Puckett   
D. Alan Smith  
Patricia Southerland
Nina Kate Strals
Howard J. Wright 

Deceased Clergy
Phillip Barnhart
Comer Brownlow
Earl Dabney
Charles Doughton
Hilton Estes
Charles Handley
George Holden
Barbara Keeley
Harry Mitcham
Jackie Painter
Malcolm Paterson
James Rush (J.R.) Phillips
Robert Ramsey
Jim Spooner

Deceased Spouses
Madolia Adams
Lamar Altman
Hattie Bailey
Marguerite Boyd
Marie Bridges
Dave Brooks
Doris Couch
Rubye Lee Davis
Mary Kimbell Durham
Anita Fuqua
Nannie Gray
Lonnie Harvel
Rita Lynn Kent
Jane Moss
Lillian O'Bryant
Ada Poe
Willie Stinson
Mary Lee Whelchel
Jack Wynn

Deceased Laity

Pauline Berry
Jane Ellis
Charissa Lynn Folmar
Nina Hill
Harriett Human
Margaret Kelley
Budget approved
$24,042,913 for 2012 (a five percent decrease from the 2011).
A close call
    McEver Road UMC lay leader Garry Glenn continues to recover after being hit by a car near the Classic Center. Glenn was returning from lunch at the Varsity and crossing a street when he was hit by a vehicle. He chipped a tooth and cut his lip when his face hit the hood of the car before he was knocked to the pavement.
      “There must be a lot of trained nurses in our conference because I was quickly surrounded by many helpful folks,” Glenn said.
     Glenn was rushed to the hospital and thoroughly checked over.
     “They took so many X-rays I’m sure I glow in the dark,” he said. “I am very grateful to my D.S., Gerald Thuman, and my pastor, Robert Bruce, for being there for me and looking after me. And I am humbled by all the prayers and concern from people in our conference.”
A leaner, but not meaner, conference
   Are you half the man (or woman) you used to be (or close)? Perhaps there is reason to celebrate. During Annual Conference, various people made mention of significant weight loss success they have experienced. The North Georgia Advocate is planning on a feature about weight loss in a future edition. If you have lost significant weight in the last year we would love to hear from you. Email editor Glenn Hannigan at
Future Dates and Sites of Annual Conference
2012: June 12-14 (Classic Center in Athens)
2013: June 11-13 (Classic Center in Athens)
2014: TBD (Classic Center in Athens)
2015: TBD (Classic Center in Athens)