STAYING FIT: Ten minutes makes a difference


           In last month’s column I shared about 10 Minute Trainer, created by the same guy who does the highly intense P90X exercise system.  I have continued to do it and found it to be just what I need for this stage of life (running around with a child in elementary school and Girl Scouts and church choir, and another child entering middle school and in 4H, and youth choir, and maintaining some semblance of romance with my wife of 14 years).   
          Whether it is Yoga Flex, or Lower Body or Cardio, or some other exercise focus, the goal is 10 exercises in 10 minutes, no stopping.  I actually worked up a sweat, got my heart rate up, and my muscles felt worked out.  I didn’t think 10 minutes would do much, but I really enjoy the short but effective fitness routine.
          I like it because I can fit 10 minutes into any crazy-type schedule of a day. I can’t really fashion an excuse for why I can’t do 10 minutes of exercise.  The result has been that I’ve actually done 10 minutes of exercise every day.  Let me be clear:  10 Minute Trainer is not “sort-of” exercising—it is 10 minutes of constant motion whereby I was working every part of my body thoroughly and effectively and safely.  Some days, when I had extra time, I’d throw on another DVD and do another type of 10-minute exercise.  Once I embraced the concept of getting a good solid workout in 10 minutes, I found more opportunity to do just that, more often.
           The results so far are nothing earth-shattering, but I’m pleased with them.  I have neither lost weight (not my goal), nor gained weight (didn’t want that either!).  I have maintained my weight, which is just right.  I have noticed a tad more definition, even though that wasn’t my goal either.  My main goal was to see if it was possible to get a workout into my busy schedule, a workout that was effective and intense enough. 10 Minute Trainer does that for me.
          Maybe it isn’t for you, but I would encourage you to find any type of moderate to more-than-moderate activity to do every day for 10 minutes at least.  It needs to get your heart rate up, even make you sweat. Check with your physician of course, but there is no reason why everyone can’t get 10 minutes of good fitness into their day.  There’s also no real excuse either!
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Dr. John A. Page is an associate pastor at Athens First UMC . Go to for his book, “The Almighty in the Ordinary.” Email John at