Deer heads and other stuff


          Not long ago I saw a photograph that caught my eye. It was a picture of a family fleeing the fires that have ravaged Arizona. A man had placed what must have been his most cherished possessions in the bed of his pickup truck as he evacuated his home. So there it was for all to see. On the truck was his daughter, the family dog and a series of hunting trophies, deer mostly. I don’t know; the picture just surprised me. The child I understand and the family pet; well they are just like children aren’t they? The hunting trophies, that caught me off guard. Was there nothing else to save? Maybe in the wake of sudden eviction you just grab the first things you see, or maybe that was just what the man intended to take all along. I don’t know.
          What I do know is that we seldom think enough about what means the most to us. Too often our lives are spent on the trivial pursuit of matters that demand our immediate but not lasting attention. Consumed with the daily grind, bills to pay, obligations to meet, work to do, it can obscure what counts for most in our lives. Then, when faced with something severe, we’re ill prepared.
          I think that is partly what worship can do. Worship helps us to think of important things, God, family, one another, things we should be thinking of but we get busy and don’t. Worship has a way of sorting things out; prayer tends to galvanize our thoughts as few other experiences can. What we do on Sunday morning is unique and an experience like none other. When practiced, it provides resources for every experience we might encounter.
 Greg Porterfield is senior pastor of Wesley UMC in Evans.