Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting is looking to highlight faith communities


This year Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting (AIB) has been featuring selected churches in a special program called ‘Faith Community of the Month’. This is consistent with our mission to enhance the spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of viewers by delivering exceptional faith-based, educational and community programming to the 19+ counties that we reach.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the some of the many outstanding ministries of all faiths and their work in the community. Here is an overview of the Faith Community of the Month presentation.

It is a 30-minute AIB sponsored program that airs on Sunday night at 8:30 PM.

This ministry spotlight includes the following:
     *4 Weekend Primetime airings for the month
     *A 30-second promo of the program and featured church produced by AIB
     *Inclusion in the AIB monthly newsletter
     *Announcement on AIB website
     *Airing on AIB’s Internet streaming channel, AIBNet.TV, daily at 9:30pm1 for the month following the cable broadcast.

The program airtime and promotional announcements costs will be covered by AIB. The spotlighted ministry will be required to provide the following:
     *Logo, pictures and relevant graphics about the church that will be used for the promo, AIB website and eNewsletter.
     *A program that is 28:30 minutes in length and formatted within the AIB technical guidelines.
     *The church/ministry should also promote their upcoming spotlight as follows -
           **Web site and church bulletin posting, 
           **Email, RSS and other electronic communications
           **Social Network communication if applicable; Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Again, this will not cost the church anything in terms of airtime. We only need you to provide us with an edited, ready to air program that is 28:30 minutes in length. We encourage you to be as creative in presenting your ministry with this program as you are with your dynamic and impactful ministries that serve our community.

For more information, please contact Swain Watters, director of AIB business-to-business, via emial at