Churches asked to help Stop Hunger Now



       Help us change the world, one meal at a time.

       We are seeking churches of the North Georgia Conference – small and large -- to participate in a life-changing mission through our North Georgia Bridges initiative.

       The need is great. The hunger is real. And God has provided. The food is packaged and ready to go.

       Now, we simply need funds to pay for shipment to help children from the most volatile countries in the world who need. They are from places like Rwanda, southern Sudan and northern Uganda. Many of these children have known only a life of refugee camps, malaria, dirty drinking water and HIV/AIDS. God cares about these children and their future.

        Thankfully, they have found a refuge at the Humble United Methodist School in Mukono, Uganda. This school today is providing a safe environment for more than 200 of God’s children. Yet, Humble School still faces its challenges. One challenge is the expense of food.

     But the Lord has provided a solution. Humble School has recently been approved to receive shipments of food from Stop Hunger Now. The Raleigh-based international hunger relief agency has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger for more than 13 years.

      Since 1998, Stop Hunger Now has coordinated the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid to children and families in countries all over the world. The great part is that churches from across North Georgia have helped assemble more than 285,000 meals through Stop Hunger Now. They are currently in a warehouse in Marietta, ready to be shipped.  

      There is one challenge: It costs $11,000 to ship this food. Such costs are too much for a single church. Imagine, however, if churches from our conference all chipped in. If you do the math, it cost less than 4 cents a meal. 

        As part of our Uganda Bridge efforts this past year, our conference sent three young adult missionaries to Humble School. Hannah Stubblefield, an intern working at Humble School this summer, testifies to what these shipments of food will do:

“These meals will be a great asset to the children at Humble School as the food they are receiving now does not have all the vitamins and other nutrients that they children need for their skin, teeth, hair, as well as just their overall well being. The meals that come from Stop Hunger Now will be a great benefit to the school both financially and nutritionally!  The school spends roughly $60,000 a year to feed the children and the Stop Hunger Meals will cut the cost down $12,000 a year.” 

     Friends, Jesus taught us, “For I was hungry and you gave me food. (Matthew 25:25).  Jesus taught his disciples to care for the least of our brothers and sisters.    Our brothers and sisters are struggling and desire a future with hope.

     Join us in our mission of getting nutritious food into children’s stomachs. Let’s do our part. 

   Will Zant serves as pastor of North Springs UMC. You can also contact him by e-mail at

 Bridges Uganda initiative

Help us feed God’s children in need in Uganda. The food has been provided. Now we are looking for individual churches to help defray the $11,000 cost of shipping.

               HOW YOUR CHURCH CAN HELP:

§  $200 donation (ships 5,000 meals)

§  $500 (ships 12,500 meals)

§  $1,000 (ships 25,000 meals)

To support the effort, call Rev. Will Zant: 706-372-4840 or